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Inês & Renato - Winter Wedding at Hotel da Estrela

Sometimes you plan a wedding and the weather does not abide by your hopes and dreams. Sometimes you are unable to hide the cloud of disappointment and other times you just go with whatever the universe has planned for you. On this day, an October day 3 years ago, Inês and Renato said they yes on a slightly different place they had planned but with the same strength they would have done with if the day had gone along their exact plans from the beginning. Because it just feels the most important part is already at work. They were going to party amongst their favorite people and nothing would break the chain of massive fun they wanted to have. The magistral and powerful set of yeses they said during an outpour of rain outside meant the same as if they had been said a the end of a rainbow. And that’s exactly where they found themselves: completely inside a rainbow, treasured immensely by those present and it mattered nothing else other than this - they were together and all was as perfectly as it could ever come to be.

Waves and currents in our hearts - Lagos Bohemian Destination Wedding

I can still feel oh so clearly how Lagos has then, that year, became one of my favorite coastal places in Portugal. It feels different than the rest of the Algarve. And I know Sara and Will feel that too. This was 3 years ago and it still feel so in tune with everything that matters to me to be able to document. It’s not only about pretty pictures. It is but about being able to read through a love so pure and being able to color it in a photograph that speaks to those who are imprinted in them forever. I loved these moments then and I still do. Sara and Will, I miss you guys.

My love is a cloud burning brightly in the sky
Ana Raquel & Miguel

These two are like an explosion of quiet in the chaos. They are so uniquely and intrinsically entrailed in each other that the world dissipates when they touch. I've become so found of their love the past few months, and that does not happen very often. To be honest I am a fan of how they live their life, the love their have for their friends and family and I am still quite in love with this afternoon they chose from scratch. When they asked me if we could head over to a fair to shoot the session I was like "what?". I mean this is too cool and it's going to rock my world. I've always wanted to shoot in a fair but as I saw that not many couples would go for that idea, I just kind of dropped it a few years back, and quietly gave it a bit up. To me this sounds like fate right? You wouldn't believe how fate plays such a huge part in the life of these two. The following photographs are to me simple quietness and color in a world that is only theirs, yet it's a world that is beyond inviting, full of kindness and acceptance and rock and roll. I love them. I truly do. Discover for yourself few of the hundreds of reasons why. 

Maria & Miguel | Cascais Engagement

I am the kind of person that cries behind my camera in the middle of ceremonies, and that laughs out loud when a kid eats part of the cake before being cut, and I am so, so grateful for the couples that allow me to be myself, that accept who I am entirely. 

Maria and Miguel gave me that possibility. The possibility of being myself, of knowing who they are and what they love about each other. This is yet still work from 2015 and I remember this day as clear as it was yesterday. I am getting there at sharing, y'all. 

Sara & Manel

I can still feel the temperature of this day on my skin. How the ocean air felt saltier than usual. And how in love Sara and Manel are with each other. Beyond their natural shyness they were able to open themselves to the opportunity of being documented the way they truly are when alone. It felt so real, and raw, and honest. It still does when I look into these photographs. This was probably one of my favourite sessions of 2016. And as the salty air being softly brought in the breeze, this was a feel good, intimate and quiet session. One I felt like floating while listening only to their giggling sweet sounds and the waves beating softly on the shore. 

Maria & Nuno | quinta da grilla, alenquer

A little under two years ago Maria and Nuno celebrated at Quinta da Grilla. I truly mean almost two years ago. I really, really need to start blogging more often. These are a few of my favourite moments from their day. 

Susana & Pedro | Love Session


Mal posso acreditar que esta sessão já foi há tanto, tanto tempo. Lembro-me como se fosse hoje a primeira mensagem que troquei com a Susana, e o quanto ela me fez sentir especial por aquilo que faço. O dia foi tão bonito num sítio especial para eles, um sítio onde planeio muitos outros projectos por ser dos meus preferidos também. Já merecia ser partilhado. Aqui está. 

Maggie + Bryce | Destination Wedding Photographer | Lagos, Algarve

Maggie is a hugger. I need to start this with that note because that is something about her personality that I just love beyond words.

On the morning before her wedding day I got a call from Maggie. As I was just getting ready to take a tour around Lagos before going out to finally meet one of the most special couples ever. I was excited to say the least. Maggie and I were exchanging e-mails for months, even though we were incredibly busy, and I just knew their day would be a different day. And as I was getting ready for just that when I heard my phone calling from the other side of the hotel room. I rushed to answer and after a few signal problems we finally made contact. Except it wasn’t Maggie on the other side, it was Bryce. Which was completely alright: “Maggie wanted to be the one talking to you but she has no voice.” And that was not so fun. Not so fun because she was scared she would have to cope not having her voice back on her wedding day, but even though she didn’t, not completely, this day was absolutely magical, and nothing got in the way of them having a blast, which was their goal from day one. 

Maggie and Bryce are one of the most special couples I probably have ever worked with. They are honest and straightforward. They are completely at ease just throwing who they are at whoever, whenever. And they are so kind that it just felt like home with them. They came all the way from New York city to get married in their beloved Lagos where they met 9 years ago, and which is like home for them. Neither of their friends or family had ever been to Lagos, so they just wanted to bring them here and throw them a party. Which made this day a completely and honestly magical one. Maggie made all makeup and hair herself and her stunning, stunning gown as well as the bridesmaids skirts were custom made specially for her by Johanna Johnson. 

Although their wedding was almost 2 years ago now this is a day still very close to my heart. I will never forget the hug they gave me the very first day we met. I grew very, very fond of Maggie and her brave spirit and I grew to love her a whole lot. These two are just truly meant to live absolutely incredible adventures together, just like they did up until now. 

I am truly so very honoured for this wedding was featured on HARPER'S BAZAAR and it was something that already made my year. These two deserve it. 

All weddings should have the essence Maggie and Bryce's had.

In the end it was a relaxed, yet emotion filled day which ended HARD on the dance-floor until late (early) hours and I just didn’t want to leave. See why.