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Lauren and Marty - Sintra Moody Wedding Photography

Sometimes you’re reminded of how impactful the simple things can get to be, how they can beautifully get to us, under our skin. This day was so long ago already but I didn’t want it to go by unpublished because it always reminds me of the why I started shooting weddings. Sometimes I get to photograph absolutely masterly put together weddings, aesthetically driven colossus, and I am so so grateful for that. But other times I get to photograph simplicity and to be honest that’s where this honour gets to me. And Lauren and Marty will always remain some of my favorite people in this life.

It rained and sunned on this day. The passing of the seasons in a single day. And not for a moment they took their eyes from each other. From the first look to the ceremony to the sharing of moments with their closest family and family who traveled all the way from Ireland and other parts of the world to celebrate their love with each other. To teary and funny speeches and to the presence of even those who were gone too soon (yet never truly gone), present in little tokens on their attire and hearts, this was a day that is full of what I love most to document. And not only to document but to also witness as a girl who believes kindness to be the most powerful foundation of humanity. And that is what I found in Lauren and Marty,

A day filled with wonder of the simplicity, against the odds of life’s turns and twists. They found each other and that is what they vowed to protect from this day on - the singleness of a moment their worlds collapsed and made it possible to carry love as an emblem.

Also the party was insanity represented. And I loved every moment of this day.

Lisa & Seva | Sintra

I've been thinking about this session very often lately, yet again. It strikes me as pure luck that strangers find me and feel that what I create moves them. It moves me for the luck I gather to be able to have the humble gratitude to be the chosen one. Picking someone to navigate who you are and what you have together is tough and should resonate within you immensely. The choice of photographer should be an important one. I am so very grateful for being the choice of so many beautiful people. 

Lisa and Seva are beautiful beings. I still don't have words to explain how their relationship moves me deeply. Sometimes you have quietness in sessions which translates a lot of emotion and sometimes you have giggling full of fun ones that could not express that emotion better, either. This is one of the most honest, raw and happy sessions I've ever had. I think you can see why. 

Catarina + Luís | E-session | Sintra, Portugal

Até hoje continuo a lembrar-me tão bem das cores da natureza neste dia. Os verdes mais verdes que já alguma vez tinha visto. Amarelos que eram um sonho também. Um Verão convertido em Primavera. E estes dois abraçaram a sua timidez como se estivessem a abraçar a própria natureza. E este é o resultado. O casamento foi tão especial como eles são e mal posso esperar para partilhar as minhas imagens preferidas desse dia. Mas por agora as fotografias da sua E-session mostram o amor que sentem um pelo o outro e são prova de como serem o que realmente são é tudo o que é preciso para criar imagens intemporais. 

To this day I still remember the colours of the nature happening while I shot away. Greener greens I've ever seen. The yellows were a dream too. Like a Summer turned into Spring.  And these two embraced their shyness like they were embracing nature itself. And this is the result. Their wedding day was as special as they are and I can't wait to share my favourite images from then. For now a few of their engagement images can give you a little peak of the love they have for each other and proof that being who you are is all it takes to create timeless images. 


Inês & Iñaki | E-Session | Winter Sintra Engagement Photographer | Sintra, Portugal

O dia prometia chuva, mas com a minha partida para fora do país a chegar com rapidez e o casamento já para breve, decidimos arriscar escolhendo Sintra. Penso que o facto de ter quase um microclima próprio ajudou. A luz estava linda, e poder finalmente conversar em pessoa com a Inês e com o Iñaki enquanto subíamos a serra no ar frio e aguaceiros pontuais, foi fantástico! Mal posso esperar para fotografar o seu casamento já no primeiro dia de Março!

The day promised rain, but with my eminent departure away from the country and the wedding day coming soon and fast, we decided to risk it by picking Sintra for the session. I think that the fact that it almost has its own microclimate helped a whole lot. The light was beautiful, and to be able to finally talk with Inês and Iñaki in person while we climbed the mountain range in the cold of the day and with occasional showers was incredible! I can't wait to photograph their wedding on the first day of the upcoming March!