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Cassis Wedding Photographer - Jenny & Victor - château de cassis

Photographing destination weddings is something so very unique. It’s not only the possibility of traveling but the humility that comes with it, from it, towards it. When a couple who is getting married picks you as their photographer that in itself is something so very special already, but when a couple from another country (ou different countries themselves) pick you to photograph them in any other country other than Portugal you just feel so very valued and your art so very appreciated.

When Jenny first contacted me and she told me about her and Victor I fell in love right away. A relationship that endured miles and times apart, but was ultimately meant to be. So it was more than willingly, so very excitedly and gratefully that I traveled to Cassis, in the beautiful south of France, to meet up with these two beautiful souls. I am still very grateful I can say I do this for a living because the people and places I get to meet continue to take my breath away, without end.

Souls wild at heart // A Wedding in Serra Da Estrela Natural Park

A kind of wilderness that words can not unwire, uncover, explain. I am still trying to comprehend the new things that were born on this day, in my life. Sometimes I can not truly word how much of what I do changes me. This day was 3 years ago, and I recall it all so vividly. I love Serra da Estrela with an unexplainable fire, always did. But to shoot a day like this, a love like this, emotions shining so brightly as they did right in the heart of it; when the day melts and you melt away with it - seemingly blending into one. I felt as if I was watching the most beautiful spectacle in the world. As if it was all meant to be that I was there. So that I could love what I do so much more fiercely. That I could understand that I might be worth a bit more to people than I at first understood. That my art matters, that it is possible to freeze so much more than just a moment in what I end up delivering. And that these people changed my life so much. Enriched it. Made it so much more worthy. And so much more golden. I still have no words to give and to try and explain the kind of honor and gratitude I still feel for all that unfolded on this day, under that big “carvalha”, where they shouted into the skies there was no other way other than this way; together always as one big family that could love no more than how they already did.

And as per usual this is going to be long. It deserves so.

My love is a cloud burning brightly in the sky
Susana & Pedro | Love Session


Mal posso acreditar que esta sessão já foi há tanto, tanto tempo. Lembro-me como se fosse hoje a primeira mensagem que troquei com a Susana, e o quanto ela me fez sentir especial por aquilo que faço. O dia foi tão bonito num sítio especial para eles, um sítio onde planeio muitos outros projectos por ser dos meus preferidos também. Já merecia ser partilhado. Aqui está. 

Maggie + Bryce | Destination Wedding Photographer | Lagos, Algarve

Maggie is a hugger. I need to start this with that note because that is something about her personality that I just love beyond words.

On the morning before her wedding day I got a call from Maggie. As I was just getting ready to take a tour around Lagos before going out to finally meet one of the most special couples ever. I was excited to say the least. Maggie and I were exchanging e-mails for months, even though we were incredibly busy, and I just knew their day would be a different day. And as I was getting ready for just that when I heard my phone calling from the other side of the hotel room. I rushed to answer and after a few signal problems we finally made contact. Except it wasn’t Maggie on the other side, it was Bryce. Which was completely alright: “Maggie wanted to be the one talking to you but she has no voice.” And that was not so fun. Not so fun because she was scared she would have to cope not having her voice back on her wedding day, but even though she didn’t, not completely, this day was absolutely magical, and nothing got in the way of them having a blast, which was their goal from day one. 

Maggie and Bryce are one of the most special couples I probably have ever worked with. They are honest and straightforward. They are completely at ease just throwing who they are at whoever, whenever. And they are so kind that it just felt like home with them. They came all the way from New York city to get married in their beloved Lagos where they met 9 years ago, and which is like home for them. Neither of their friends or family had ever been to Lagos, so they just wanted to bring them here and throw them a party. Which made this day a completely and honestly magical one. Maggie made all makeup and hair herself and her stunning, stunning gown as well as the bridesmaids skirts were custom made specially for her by Johanna Johnson. 

Although their wedding was almost 2 years ago now this is a day still very close to my heart. I will never forget the hug they gave me the very first day we met. I grew very, very fond of Maggie and her brave spirit and I grew to love her a whole lot. These two are just truly meant to live absolutely incredible adventures together, just like they did up until now. 

I am truly so very honoured for this wedding was featured on HARPER'S BAZAAR and it was something that already made my year. These two deserve it. 

All weddings should have the essence Maggie and Bryce's had.

In the end it was a relaxed, yet emotion filled day which ended HARD on the dance-floor until late (early) hours and I just didn’t want to leave. See why.