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Cassis Wedding Photographer - Jenny & Victor - château de cassis

Photographing destination weddings is something so very unique. It’s not only the possibility of traveling but the humility that comes with it, from it, towards it. When a couple who is getting married picks you as their photographer that in itself is something so very special already, but when a couple from another country (ou different countries themselves) pick you to photograph them in any other country other than Portugal you just feel so very valued and your art so very appreciated.

When Jenny first contacted me and she told me about her and Victor I fell in love right away. A relationship that endured miles and times apart, but was ultimately meant to be. So it was more than willingly, so very excitedly and gratefully that I traveled to Cassis, in the beautiful south of France, to meet up with these two beautiful souls. I am still very grateful I can say I do this for a living because the people and places I get to meet continue to take my breath away, without end.

Cassis Engagement - Jenny & Victor - South of France Wedding Photography

I don’t quite realize how I get to call this my “job”. How not only I am privileged to visit places I have never been before, but specially so that a couple trusts me to the point of grabbing a Portuguese girl out of her land to shoot their day, amongst so many photographers to chose from. I feel so very honoured and grateful for the people I get to meet. The showcase of their love as banner in all that they are. And the absolute trust in my art as in my heart. Thank you so much Jenny and Victor. I am humbled by your love.