You rock my heart like a song - Rita & João - Wedding at Rio do Prado


This is going to be very, very, very long. And I have no shame about that fact.

I remember this day. Crystal clear. Like a party, like the sky falling down in multicolour fairy dust. Like I was born to do this. Like these two clearly were made for each other. Like a reunion of friends that were born to heal each other wounds. Like families bounded to become one. I remember the day fading into night and it felt like never ending. Normally wedding days go in a glimpse. They dissipate like an explosion of happiness. This day felt like it was made of years, and that there were more hours than 24. This is one of those days that embraced my heart and marked it hard. I remember when João played for Rita, their friends and family and it felt magical. It felt like a beautiful get together without better purpose to be than to be a true celebration. Some days are more special than others. I will always feel this to be one of those. It has been 3 years, and this day still beats fast in my heart when I recall it. It truly was something special. In fact I was so in love with all that happened on this day that I got home and wrote a draft of what to share once I was ready to make a post on this. It reads as the following: 

"Sometimes you just get lucky. 

Once upon a time I photographed one gig of an awesome band called Kikin'Bora with very awesome and rad people. People I count myself very lucky to have met. Flash forward a year and I meet with this couple that said one of his friends recommended me. Hugo you rock. 

This is why. Truly. I get to shoot an awesome show, one of the last shows of an amazing band and one that I hope will stay in history with my photos, and next thing I know I am meeting two awesome humans that brought life to my year, sweet people who have put together one of the most amazing days I remember of experiencing. It is kinda odd that I classify one of my "work" days as one of my favourites in 26 years. That I, as an outsider, can feel so much love flowing my way, when I am supposed to, after all, pass on as invisible. Rita and João's day will never be recreated. In this day not only taste spoke louder but the people - damn the people - were beyond surreal. From the location to the venue's team, to the promise of rain that went out unnoticed all day long, to having friends and family treating me as part of the whole thing, to two, yes two, band performances and then a DJ for the rest of the night that went on without promising to end... This was a wedding of rockstars and I wish they were all like this - open, not having a single care in the world but being themselves and showing their love for one another. And did I say have fun? That was their ultimate goal. Nothing else mattered to them. Rita was beyond beautiful - I don't think I have it in me to try to get words that can make justice to her beauty. The little tokens scattered everywhere of what their friends and family meant to them - from a short film put together by their friends and family, to the groom and his band giving an absolutely amazing live show, to their vows, to the band that occupied the stage right after a very awesome cake cutting, and the unpretentious session we had during cocktail hour.. This is them - right here. I am completely unable to express my gratitude, even though I tried so many times already. I had an idea this day would be a dream - but I wasn't waiting for heaven on earth. But it was that and beyond. It happens to show how it all comes down to people and their love for one another."

And without any more words here's what happened.

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