This Place is a Shelter, a short emotional film


Sometimes I like to film. Most times. I was supposed to have finished college to become a cinematographer. But life happens and then I, so, so suddenly just wanted to create worlds and dropped out of school because it was highly limiting my capacities to dream bigger and the possibilities of getting more and more inspired. So I picked my mom's camera and started to shoot myself in the darkest corners of my room. Shooting for me, and myself only, was the best thing I could have done for years, before agreeing to start shooting and capturing other people. 

Moving images deeply move me. Perhaps in complete different ways than photography. They are just different. They are too opposites of the same side of a beautiful coin. And I could never stop living with neither. Together they sing songs of my life and of my heart. 

Some stills follow and the video waits at the bottom (you should watch it HD on Vimeo). This means a lot to me. This is my sister. And she is beautiful. This is just something else entirely from what I usually create. It's simple.

Song This Place is a Shelter by the incredible Ólafur Arnalds.