Sabrina | I Session | Sintra, Portugal


Sabrina is beautiful inside and out. She's the kind of spirit that inspires others without even saying a word. I've met Sabrina a few years ago, we worked together and even though we never talked on serious philosophical things, I got her right away and knew she was and is an inspiring soul and the type this world should have more of. 

She contacted me saying that she wanted a few pictures of herself. She followed my work and always thought about doing a session, but thought she would be no match to the girls I photograph all the time. That made me giggle. If she knew that all the girls I photograph say the exact same thing she would laugh too. They do. And that is why I created the project BeRaw afterwards. Because I believe in a project that makes you see yourself how others see you. A project that makes you feel sexy, beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.  I pretty much think she nailed it this day. See proof.