Dreaming conquers



It has been a while. I’ve been neglecting this space because I’ve been dreaming about making up a place of my own, with a portfolio plus a blog with my own domain, but I must take one step at a time, so here I am updating at last.

I already have my beloved Mark II and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better camera. I have the 50mm f1.4, and it has been a joy to take photographs with my new gear. It was a long due upgrade, but I’ve finally erased the fears of giving something to myself and embraced the future with an expensive one-time-only investment. I guess this will be the body I will shoot with for a very long time, and I being only in the beginning of a journey is refreshing. It feels good. I’ve also been trying to create bridges to own my own business, and even though it has been slow I am bracing myself with positivity. On a side note I am always same old me, so I’ve been diving and fighting the same old habits – specially those which speak of laziness and organization. I need to step out of those. I truly need to. Here’s some of the last images I’ve been creating.